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Data Sheet Continued
 Network Module
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The DNSone module delivers reliable, manageable, scalable, and secure DNS and DHCP services at a lower cost than 
server-software and with greater network availability than any competing solution.
High-availability Services
The DNSone module runs on the reliable Infoblox-1000 and Infoblox-1200 appliance platforms, which are designed for 
nonstop operation in high-performance networks. High-availability (HA) DNS and DHCP services are supported by bloxHA 
technology, which uses industry-standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for sub 5-second network failover, 
and bloxSYNC technology to ensure real-time database synchronization. Together, these two technologies allow critical 
name server and DHCP services to always remain responsive and up-to-date.
Built-in, Zero-admin Database
The DNSone module stores all DNS and DHCP data in the integrated bloxSDB™ semantic database, which is built into 
the Infoblox NIOS operating system provided on all Infoblox appliances. The bloxSDB database is designed specifically 
to support integrated network identity services and provides unmatched consistency between service and management 
views of IP-address-centric network identity data without compromising performance.
Easy-to-use GUI
The DNSone module provides a powerful, clientless GUI that can be run 
from any web browser. The abstracted, data-centric interface streamlines 
complex and repetitive management operations and enables administrators 
to focus on data and services rather than boxes and protocols. This reduces 
management time and eliminates many common data entry errors.
Integrated Management
The DNSone module provides practical operational efficiencies that lower 
total cost of ownership. For example, creating a DHCP range automatically 
creates an associated DNS record, reducing the number of tasks required of 
network administrators. 
Granular, Role-based Administration
Administrators can delegate the management of particular zones, networks, and devices to other administrators, and 
they can also create “read-only” profiles for delegated administrators. This allows companies to grant individuals, in 
different parts of an organization, management authority over only a portion of the network’s resources.
Enhanced Security
The Infoblox NIOS operating system is security hardened and consistently withstands security scans and attacks from the 
most demanding government and military organizations. The DNS and DHCP services provided by the DNSone module 
are based on the most current versions of BIND and DHCP, ensuring minimum exposure to security threats. In the event 
that a new exploit is discovered, the underlying OS and the DNSone module can be upgraded in minutes via a single, 
simple operation. This makes them much more difficult to penetrate than general-purpose operating systems with known 
vulnerabilities. Management communication is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-encrypted VPNs for protection 
against management compromise.
Manage unified data set
via web-based GUI