Fujifilm Z10fd Manual Suplementario (en)

--- Notification Regarding Insertion of the Battery for the Fujifilm FinePix Z10fd --- 
As indicated in the warnings and safety instructions originally provided with your camera packaging, 
proper handling of Lithium-ion batteries is very important.  The battery must be correctly inserted into 
the camera slot to ensure proper operation of the camera.  
If the battery is inserted incorrectly and forced into the slot, there is a potential for the battery to become 
jammed in the camera. If the battery becomes jammed, please return the camera to FUJIFILM and we 
will remove the battery and return it to you free of charge. You should not try to remove the battery by 
force or by gripping it with any tools such as tweezers or pliers, since this can cause a Lithium-ion 
battery to overheat or ignite.   
Mail to: 
Fujifilm Factory Service Center 
Attn:  Camera Repair Dept. 
1100 King Georges Post Road 
Edison, NJ 08837 
The battery for the Z10fd should be inserted as per the instructions in the Owner’s Manual (Fig. 1).  It is 
important that the indicators are aligned properly to ensure correct insertion of the battery. 
(Fig. 1) 
For your convenience, if you prefer a simpler method, we have prepared a battery marked with an 
orange stripe to match the orange color of the battery release catch making it even easier to insert the 
battery into your camera (Fig. 2).