Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM Manuel D’Utilisation (en)

Focus Preset
When turning the playback ring, keep your finger
away from the shutter button. In One-Shot AF
mode, the exposure will be locked when you
press the shutter button halfway and focus is
achieved. So if you press the shutter button
halfway while turning the playback ring, the
exposure may not be correct.
When not using the focus preset, set the switch
to      .
While turning the playback ring
to the left or right, press the
shutter button completely.
The lens will focus at the preset
If the focus preset switch was
set to      , the beeper will sound
< How to Focus at the Preset Distance >
In the following cases, the focusing distance scale
will move slightly. It will not affect the image.
• When you press the focus preset button.
• When you turn the playback ring.
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