Parrot CK3000 Manuel D’Utilisation (en, fr, es, de, it, nl)

Thank you for purchasing Parrot CK3000, the hands-free kit with voice recognition equipped with Bluetooth® radio 
Parrot CK3000 offers you the following functions: 
Wireless radio connection with your telephone via Bluetooth®; 
Full duplex hands-free conversation with echo cancellation and DSP; 
Background noise reduction; 
Voice recognition for up to 300 voice tags *; 
Automatic synchronization of your telephone directory *; 
Automatic mute of the car radio and connection to the speakers of your vehicle; 
Pairing of up to 3 phones. 
* Only with specific phones
If your CK3000 was installed by a professional, go directly to the next section, the Connection Phase. 
The CK3000 consists of an electronic control box, a microphone, a keypad with “On” and “Off” buttons and two ISO car 
radio connection harnesses. 
Electronic control box:  
Do not install the control box close to the heater or the air-conditioning system. 
Protect the control box from direct sunlight. Avoid enclosing the unit inside of metal components - this will adversely affect 
the quality of the Bluetooth® connection. 
The microphone should be directed towards the driver and should preferably be installed in between the visor and rear-view 
We recommend you install Keypad in an easily accessible place, preferably on a clean, flat surface. 
Connect the Keypad to the connector provided on the mute cable. 
Check that the red and green lights come on and go off according to the position of the ignition key. 
Connecting the mute cable and power cable
The mute cable is equipped with black ISO connectors. 
The power cable is equipped with gray ISO connectors. 
Car radio with ISO sockets
Disconnect the car radio speaker and power harnesses. 
Connect the mute cable and power cable female connectors to the car radio. 
Connect the vehicle speaker and power harnesses to the male connectors. 
If the car radio has a Mute input, connect the yellow wire on the mute cable to one of the "Mute in" inputs 1, 2 or 3. 
Consult the car radio manual to determine the location of the mute input. 
Car radio without ISO sockets
A specific adapter harness for the vehicle (not supplied) may be used 
If you do not have an adapter, connect the wires one by one. 
If the car radio has a "mute" input, connect the yellow wire on the mute cable to it.
The red wire on the power cable must be connected to the 12V 
permanent, the orange wire to the 12V switched and the black wire to 
the ground. 
Check the electrical diagram of the car radio's ISO power harness. 
On some vehicles, the positions of the red and orange wires must be 
inverted. It is done by simply inverting the fuse holders. 
Do not connect the orange wire to the 12V permanent, you run the risk 
of discharging the battery of the vehicle.