Panasonic DMC-GH1 Manuale Utente (ja)

Set the focus mode dial to [AFS].
“AFS” is an abbreviation of “Auto Focus Single”. The focus is 
adjusted when you press the shutter button halfway.
Normally use the [AFS].
Focus during the burst is fixed at the first picture. Refer to 
P72 for details.
When recording motion pictures, the focus is continuously 
adjusted for both [AFS] and [AFC].
This mode allows you to compose a picture more easily by continuously focusing on the 
movement of the subject while the shutter button is pressed halfway.
When taking pictures of a moving subject, the camera predicts the movement of the 
subject and focuses on it. (motion prediction)
Set the focus mode dial to [AFC].
“AFC” is an abbreviation of “Auto Focus Continuous”. The 
camera is continuously focusing on the subject while the 
shutter button is pressed halfway.
It may take time to focus on the subject if you rotate the zoom 
ring from Wide to Tele or suddenly change the subject from a 
distant one to a nearby one.
Focusing will continue even after the shutter button is 
pressed during the burst. Refer to P72 for details.
Set the [PRE AF] of [CUSTOM MENU] menu item (P127) when you would like to set focus 
before pressing the shutter button halfway.
Focus sound will not go off in [AFC] even if the subject comes into focus. Also, AF area will not 
be displayed if the AF mode is set to [
When brightness is not enough, the mode will turn to [AFS] and in that case the AF area will be 
displayed and the focus sound will beep when the subject comes into focus.
Press the shutter button halfway again when it is difficult to focus on the subject.
Set the focus mode dial to [MF].
For details, refer to P80.
Fix the focus by pressing the shutter button halfway (AFS)
Continuously focusing on a subject (AFC)
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