Sony SAL50F14Z 仕様ガイド (en)

Legendary Carl Zeiss® optics
A great camera starts with a great lens and Sony has collaborated with Carl Zeiss to create a series 
of high-quality interchangeable lenses for digital SLT and NEX cameras. Precision lenses by Carl Zeiss 
are prized by serious photographers and film-makers around the world and the company’s precision 
optical instruments have helped document some of the most iconic moments in human history and 
ensure for the best in image quality. 
A new optical design for top-end image quality 
The luxurious new optical design features 8 elements in 5 groups, with two aspherical elements for 
ultimate performance despite being a standard 50mm lens. The design is extremely effective at 
correcting various aberrations and realizes flat reproduction characteristics (minimal field curvature) 
befitting the renowned "Planar" name. Moreover, the combination of a rear-focus system and 
aspheric surfaces achieves high contrast from infinity to close distances for clear, sharp images even 
when the aperture is wide open.
Circular Aperture
With its 9-blade circular aperture, a design said to produce the most beautiful bokeh, this lens realizes 
beautiful defocusing unique to Sony and meets the stringent demands of advanced-class users who 
are serious about photographic expression.
SteadyShot INSIDE™ image stabilization 
The SteadyShot INSIDE™ image stabilization system built into Sony A-mount cameras provides 
image stabilization without affecting image quality, an advantage that supports the high depiction 
performance of top-class lenses.
Quiet and smooth AF operation thanks to SSM
Autofocusing is smooth and quiet, courtesy of a Super Sonic wave Motor (SSM). Excellent focusing 
performance is complemented by features including a focus hold button, a focus ring that doesn’t 
rotate during AF operation, a DMF (Direct Manual Focus) function, and a rear-focus system that 
maintains the same lens body length during autofocusing.
Dust and drip resistant design
The lens offers dust and drip resistance that meet the standards of mid-range models like the 
α99 and 
α77. The main drive unit is sealed with rubber packing, etc., to realize ample dust and drip resistance 
as a system when mounted on a camera to withstand tough usage in harsh environments.
High-grade metal body
The high-grade lens body is constructed of aluminum that offers both high rigidity and an attractive 
finish that contributes to pride of ownership.
Carl Zeiss® Planar Lens
The Carl Zeiss® Planar lens first became synonymous with high-performance lenses by realizing a 
large aperture, flat reproduction characteristics, and the successful removal of astigmatism. Once 
the T* coating was introduced to dramatically reduce internal reflection from its progressive double 
Gauss design (with front-back symmetry), Planar became one of the most renowned lenses in the 
Carl Zeiss lineup, which is synonymous with high-performance standard lenses.
Carl Zeiss® T* Coating
Coated optics were pioneered by Carl Zeiss® -- and this superb lens features T* (T-Star) coating that 
virtually eliminates the lens flare, internal reflection and light scattering that can otherwise occur at 
glass-to-air surfaces.
Superior Large-Aperture Performance
Sony® Carl Zeiss® Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM