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Using the V10 & V20 on Mac OS  
Vivitar Corporation 
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Technical Support Bulletin - 
7 May 2003 
(Revised 2 March 2004)
Installing and Using the Vivicam 10 and 20 on Mac OS 
The V10 and V20 cameras do not ship with a driver or application for the Mac OS.  Since the V10 
and V20 use TWAIN acquisition for image transfer from camera to PC, migration to the Mac OS is 
not straightforward.  TWAIN data sources developed for Windows -based PCs do not port easily (if 
at all) to Mac platforms.  Therefore, a unique stand-alone Mac application suite has been written for 
Mac users to enable them to use their V10 and V20. 
The Mac utilities for V10 and V20 are in Beta status.  They are offered free of charge, without 
warranty or guarantee.  The V10 and V20 packaging, marketing materials, product data sheets, and 
web site neither allude to, nor reference the Mac utilities.  Whereas the V10 and V20 are not 
marketed or advertised as being Mac-compatible, the Mac utilities are available for download from 
the Vivitar website. 
The Mac utilities for the V10 and V20 work on OS 9, or OSX in Classic mode.  Note that these 
utilities are stand-alone Mac applications.  They do not offer operability with iPhoto and/or iPhoto2. 
The Vivicam 10 and 20 utilities for Mac include three application programs. 
1. FashionTV - An application for live-video previewing and capturing. 
2. MovieMaker - Allows you to read a sequence of CIF images from the camera and create a 
QuickTime Movie. (Similar to AVI Maker on PC) 
3. CamLoader - Save Images from the camera to specified file name (prefix name + 3 digit). 
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