Ricoh GX100 ユーザーズマニュアル (en)

Camera User Guide
This manual is for Caplio GX100 and 
Caplio GX100 VF KIT. Caplio GX100 
VF KIT is supplied with an LCD 
viewfinder (VF-1).
Do not connect the USB cable yet!
If you connect the camera to a computer through the USB 
cable before installing the provided software on the 
computer, the software required for connection between 
camera and computer may not be installed correctly. Be 
sure to connect the camera to your computer after 
installing the provided software. (GP.164)
Basic Operations
If you are using the camera for the 
first time, read this section.
This section provides a basic overview of 
how to turn on the camera, take pictures 
and play back pictures.
Advanced Operations
Read this section when you want 
to learn more about the different 
camera functions.
This section provides more detailed 
information about the functions used to 
take pictures and play back pictures, as 
well as information on how to customize 
the camera settings, print pictures, and 
use the camera with a computer.
The serial number of this product is given on the bottom face of the camera.