AGFA DC-830 ユーザーズマニュアル (en)

- 21 - 
Using the Zoom Function 
Your camera has a combination of optical and 
digital zoom functions that allow you to zoom in 
on far away subjects or zoom out for a wide 
angle shot. 
The optical zoom is achieved by mechanically 
adjusting the lens of the camera. The digital 
zoom enlarges or shrinks the image using a 
software process. 
When the zoom lever is pressed, the zoom bar 
appears on the LCD monitor.   
Press [W] to zoom out for a wide-angle shot. 
Press [T] to zoom in for a telephoto shot.
When the optical zoom factor is at maximum, zooming stops temporarily. Press the [T] again, 
the camera switches to the digital zoom automatically and zooming continues. 
Digital zoom works by enlarging the center portion of an image through a software 
interpolation process. The digital zoom is used to achieve magnification levels up to approx. 
4 times. 
 Digital zoom is unavailable when recording movies.