AGFA DC-830 ユーザーズマニュアル (en)

- 49 - 
Battery is inserted in the wrong 
Reload battery in the correct 
Batteries are dead. 
Replace or recharge batteries. 
Power does not turn on. 
The battery compartment door 
is open. 
Make sure the battery compartment 
door is securely closed. 
The flash is charging. 
Wait for the flash to charge. 
Memory is full. 
Insert a new memory card. 
The camera does not take 
Memory card is not formatted 
The card may be detective, use a 
new card. 
The Flash is charge. 
Wait for the flash to charge. 
Image is not recorded when 
the shutter button is pressed.  Memory is full. 
Insert a new memory card. 
The flash does not fire 
Flash is set to OFF. 
Set the flash to any mode except off.
The camera was moving when 
the image was captured. 
Hold the camera steady when 
shooting picture. 
Image is blurry or out of focus. 
The subject was beyond the 
range within which the camera 
can focus. 
Turn the Macro mode on it the 
subject is within 5 cm (zoom out) or 
25 cm (zoom in). 
Do not use Macro mode when 
shooting distant subjects. 
Image is not displayed on the 
LCD monitor. 
A memory card with non-DCIF 
images (recorded with other 
camera) is loaded. 
This camera cannot display non-DCIF 
Recorded images are not 
saved in memory. 
The camera was turned 
off/powered down before the 
image was stored in memory 
If the battery low indicator appears 
on the LCD monitor, replace the 
battery immediately. 
Cannot transfer images to a 
computer after connecting 
the USB cable. 
USB driver is not installed. 
Install the USB driver before you 
connect the camera to a computer / 
turn the camera on.