Sony ACUD11 マニュアル (en)

(AC Adaptor)
Operating Instructions
Mode d’emploi
© 2012  Sony Corporation     Printed in China 
The unit is not disconnected from the AC power source 
(mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if 
the unit itself has been turned off. 
Unplug the unit from the wall outlet if it is not to be used 
for an extended period of time.
Should any liquid or solid object fall into the unit, unplug 
the unit and have the unit checked by qualified personnel 
before operating it any further.
To avoid electrical shock, do not open the unit. Refer 
servicing to qualified personnel only.
Do not place the AC adaptor in a location where it is:  
Subject to extreme high temperature. 
(E.g., in a car with its windows closed.)
Subject to direct sunlight or near a heat source.
Subject to mechanical vibration or shock.
Subject to a magnetic field. 
(E.g., near a magnet, speaker, or TV.)
Subject to excessive dust.
Make sure the current and voltage of the unit matches 
that of the outlet.
For safety, if the input current is too high, the unit will 
automatically shut down.
Do not connect this unit to a radio or equipment with a 
radio tuner as it may cause noise.
To prevent damage, be careful not to drop or otherwise 
cause a mechanical shock to the unit.
After using, disconnect the unit from the wall outlet and 
the equipment.
Disconnect the unit from the AC outlet by pulling on the 
unit. Do not pull on the USB cable.
To avoid short-circuiting, do not allow the terminal of the 
unit to touch any foreign metal object.
Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth. If the unit is very dirty, 
wipe it off with a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild 
detergent solution, and then wipe with a soft dry cloth.
Do not use any type of solvent such as alcohol, thinner, or 
benzine as it may damage the finish of the unit.
If you use any chemical cleaner, observe the instructions 
provided with the product.
If the exterior of the unit is splashed with any type of 
solvent such as insecticide, or remains in contact for a  
long time with rubber or vinyl, the finish of the exterior 
may be damaged.
How to Use
Connect a portable device to this unit.
To AC outlet
USB cable
USB rechargeable device  
(Digital camera, etc.)
Pull up the power plug of this unit, and plug 
into an AC outlet.
Recharging of the portable device starts.
After recharging of the portable device is 
completed, unplug this unit and disconnect 
the portable device from this unit.
Check the battery status of the portable device by its own 
battery status indicator.
Before operating the unit, please read this manual 
thoroughly and retain it for future reference.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose 
this apparatus to rain or moisture.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose 
this apparatus to dripping or splashing, and do not place 
objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus.
For connection to a supply not in the U.S.A. and Canada, 
use an attachment plug adapter of the proper configuration 
for the power outlet.
Do not install the AC adaptor in a confined space, such as a 
bookcase or built-in cabinet.
As the main plug of AC adaptor is used to disconnect the 
AC adaptor from the mains, connect it to an easily accessible 
AC outlet.
Should you notice an abnormality in it, disconnect it
from the AC outlet immediately.
You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not 
expressly approved in this manual could void your authority 
to operate this equipment.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. 
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this 
device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this 
device must accept any interference received, including 
interference that may cause undesired operation.
Important Safety Instructions
1)  Read these instructions.
2)  Keep these instructions.
3)  Heed all warnings.
4)  Follow all instructions.
5)  Do not use this apparatus near water.
6)  Clean only with dry cloth.
7)  Do not block any ventilation openings. 
Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s 
8)  Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, 
heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including 
amplifiers) that produce heat.
9)  Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or 
grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades 
with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug 
has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide 
blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If 
the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an 
electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
10) Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched 
particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the 
point where they exit from the apparatus.
11) Only use attachments/accessories specified by the 
12) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table 
specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. 
When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/
apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.
13) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when 
unused for long periods of time.
14) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. 
Servicing is required when the apparatus has been 
damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug 
is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen 
into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to 
rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been 
On safety
The nameplate indicating operating voltage, power 
consumption, etc., is located on the rear exterior.
Before operating the unit, be sure that the operating 
voltage of the unit is identical with that of your local 
power supply.
Compatible with USB rechargeable “Cyber-shot”, 
“Handycam” and 
The available functions differ depending on the device. 
Please make sure the specifications of your devices.
Other operation checked models (AS of Aug 2012) :
Xperia™S, Xperia™arc S, Xperia™ray, USB rechargeable 
“WALKMAN”, USB rechargeable Sony IC recorders, USB 
rechargeable Sony wireless stereo headsets/wireless 
audio receivers/noise canceling headphones, iPhone 
4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod 
touch (1st/2nd/3rd/4th), iPod (4th/5th), iPod nano 
(4th/5th/6th), iPod shuffle (4th)
“Cyber-shot”, “Handycam”, 
, “WALKMAN” are 
registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Xperia is trademark or a registered trademark of Sony 
Mobile Communications AB.
iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod 
touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. 
and other countries. Apple is not responsible for the 
operation of this device or its compliance with safety and 
regulatory standards.
The USB connector of this product is output only. Do not 
connect to the USB ports of computers, etc. Doing so may 
cause a malfunction.
Some USB rechargeable devices cannot be used with this 
device. Also, some devices may not be operable during 
recharge. Check the charging specification of your portable 
When you use a portable device with this product, attach the 
battery pack of the portable device. Not doing so may cause 
loss of data or damage by abnormal power shutdown.
It is cautioned that some portable devices incur sudden loss of 
input memory with or without a battery charger (for details, 
refer to the user manual supplied with the portable device). 
Before using this product, be sure to back up the input 
memory. Sony is not liable for loss of input memory.
The rated output current of this unit is max. 1,500 mA. The 
unit will automatically shut down for safety if the total output 
exceeds 1,500 mA.
Use in ambient temperature between 0 °C – 40 °C.
Performance is not guaranteed in case of using a USB hub or 
USB extension cable. Follow the connection method 
designated by the connected device. 
Using your AC adaptor abroad
You can use your AC adaptor in any country or area that 
uses 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, by connecting an AC 
plug adaptor. If the country you visit employs a different 
shaped socket, use the correct AC plug adaptor.
Please consult your nearest travel bureau for the type of the 
AC plug adaptor needed in your travels.
Input voltage 
AC 100 V – 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Rated output voltage  DC 5.0 V
Rated output current  1500 mA 
Approx. 70 mm × 36 mm × 33 mm  
(Approx. 2 
 in × 1 
 in × 1 
Approx. 50 g (1.76 oz)
Included Items 
AC Adaptor (AC-UD11) (1) 
Set of printed documentation
Design and specifications are subject to change without