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C1004RN (1/09)
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Canon IP Cameras Supported on Digital Sentry
Integral Digital Sentry
 digital video management systems (DVMS) support certain 
 IP camera models. The camera models listed in this document can be used 
with Digital Sentry IP camera driver and later. Refer to each camera’s table for 
information about the hardware and software features validated for use on a Digital 
Sentry system. Any general limitations or special instructions are listed at the beginning 
of the document, and any model-specific information is listed after each table. For 
information about the general usage of each camera, refer to the camera manufacturer’s 
To obtain the latest IP camera driver or documentation for use with Digital Sentry, refer 
Canon VB-C50iR
• To view live video on the camera’s Web page, you must install Java
 toolbar.) When the installation is 
complete, refresh the live view on the Web page.
• Quality settings in DSAdmin do not work with this camera.
• Presets, iris, and focus functionality will be supported by Digital Sentry in a future 
1.2 Revision 68
Supported Resolutions
640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
Frames per Second (FPS)
1 to 30
Number of Quality Settings
Not applicable
Supported Codec
Supported Motion Detection Integral
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
Yes (refer to NOTES)
Release Notes