Canon vb-s800d Инструкция (en)

Before contacting the dealer or customer support center, check the following troubleshooting items.
If a message is displayed, check the details of the message and corresponding countermeasure in “Lists of Messages” on 
Camera Management Tool cannot be launched.
• The [Windows Firewall] function may be turned on. This tool 
needs to be registered as a trusted program. For details on the 
firewall settings, please refer to the camera’s “Operation Guide”.
• If an attempt was made to launch this tool while another tool with 
a function equivalent to one of the functions of this tool is running 
(Firmware Upgrade Tool, Backup Tool, Restore Tool, or Memory 
Card Unmount Tool), close the other tool.
• If this tool is already running, another instance of this tool cannot 
be launched.
A camera cannot be detected.
• Check the connection with the camera. If the camera is 
successfully connected, turn the power of the camera off and 
then back on.
• If a camera in the same network segment is not detected, click 
• A camera that does not exist on the same network segment 
cannot be detected. Add the camera manually (P. 46).
• Cameras with a different IPv4 address network segment can be 
detected within the same router if an IPv6 link local address is 
assigned for both the camera and the computer. To assign an 
IPv6 link local address, the IPv6 settings must be enabled on 
both the camera and the computer.
When enabling the IPv6 settings on the computer, enable IPv6 in 
the network settings of Windows, and then restart this tool.
• An unsupported camera cannot be detected (P. 11).
The Admin Tools, Setting Page, or Viewer for the selected camera 
cannot be launched.
• Check whether the camera certificate is installed or not.
• When using Internet Explorer 9 or greater, add the camera as a 
trusted site (P. 33).
Authentication with the camera failed.
• If the administrator password is changed, the administrator 
information needs to be set for each camera (P. 24).
The camera is not displayed in the camera list.
• If a detected camera is deleted from the camera list, it will not be 
displayed in the camera list even if the connection with that 
camera is successful. Perform a camera search by clicking 
to display it again.
Software update, setting backup, or setting restore terminated 
abnormally, and [Connection Status] does not recover from [Not