Canon EOS Rebel T5 18-55 IS II Kit Инструкция (en)

Picture Style File Creating Software
Picture Style Editor
Ver. 1.17
Instruction Manual
Content of this Instruction Manual
PSE stands for Picture Style Editor.
 indicates the selection procedure of the menu.
(Example: [Picture Style Editor] menu  [Quit 
Picture Style Editor].)
Square brackets are used to indicate items such 
as menu names, button names and window 
names that appear on the computer screen.
Text inside < > indicates a key on the keyboard.
 indicates a reference page.
Click to move to the relevant page.
 : Marks information that should be read 
before use.
 : Marks additional information you may find 
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Switching Between Pages
Click on arrows on the bottom right of the screen.
 : next page
 : previous page
 : return to a page you had previously 
Click on the headings on the right side of the 
screen to switch to the contents page of that 
heading. Also, click the item you want to read 
about on the table of contents to move to the 
relevant page.