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Kodak ImageLite
 ESY Scanner Film
Kodak Gen 5
 GAI Film  
Kodak ImageLite
 IRF Scanner Film
Kodak Gen 5
 GIR Film 
Technical Information Instruction Sheet – TI2407 
August 2006 
Features / Customer Product Specifications  
Kodak ImageLite scanner films and Gen 5 films are designed for use with a wide range of today's 
electronic dot-generating color scanners, image recorders, imagesetters and contact-screen scanners. All 
are cut to "true-fit" scanner sizes to match dimensions specified by scanner manufacturers. These 
products can be used in most conventional rapid-access developers, such as 
Kodak RA 2000 developer 
and replenisher. It should be possible to achieve satisfactory results in most other rapid-access type 
developers. These films are coated on a dimensionally stable 
Estar base with antistatic and surface 
properties to ensure dependable transport and handling behavior. 
•  A high contrast, blue sensitive film for use on electronic-dot generation 
(EDG) color or monochrome scanners.  
•  Optimized for use with raster scanning output devices using an argon-
ion laser (488 nm) as the exposing source. 
•  High contrast, infrared sensitive film.  
•  Recommended for use with scanners and recorders that use a laser 
diode, emitting light in the infrared area (780 nm).  
•  Wide exposure and development latitude.  
Safelight Recommendations 
Safe handling times at various safelight-to-film plane distances can be easily determined by exposing the 
films to a screen tint and using a card to step off various amounts of safelight exposure following image 
exposure. An increase in dot size or a change in density indicates excessive safelight exposure. For 
information on performing safelight tests, see Kodak’s Publication No. K-4, "How Safe is Your Safelight?"  
Kodak ImageLite ESY Scanner Film / Kodak Gen 5 GAI Film  
This film can be handled under amber or orange-yellow safelight illumination  
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