Panasonic DMC-S3 Справочник Пользователя (en)

 Viewing your pictures
[Normal Play]
Playback Mode: 
When a card is in the camera, pictures are played back from the card, and without a card, 
pictures are played back from the built-in memory.
Zoom button
Press the Playback button
• Press again to enter the 
Recording Mode.
Scroll through pictures
Previous Next
File number
Picture number/Total pictures
• Hold down to quickly scroll forwards/
• Press the shutter button to switch to 
Recording Mode.
To enlarge (Playback Zoom)
Press the 
T side of the 
zoom button
Current zoom position (displayed for 1 sec.)
• Each time the T side of the zoom button is pressed, the magnification increases. It 
moves through four levels after 1x: 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. (The picture quality displayed 
becomes successively lower.)
• To reduce zoom
→ Press the W side of the zoom button
• Move zoom position
→ ▲▼◄►
Be careful not to block the speaker.
Some pictures edited on a computer may not be viewed on this camera.
This camera is compliant with the unified DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) 
standard formulated by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries 
Association (JEITA), and with Exif (Exchangeable image file format). Only files that are 
DCF-compliant can be played back.
 Watching motion pictures
Select the motion picture and start playback
Motion picture recording time
  When playback starts, the elapsed playback time is displayed in the top right of the 
Example:  After 3 minutes and 30 seconds: [3m30s]
 Operations during Motion Picture Playback
▲: Pause/Play
[MENU/SET]: Stop
◄:  Fast rewind (2 steps)
Single-frame rewind (while paused)
►:  Fast forward (2 steps)
Single-frame forward (while paused)
• Press 
▲ during fast rewind or fast forward to return to the normal playback speed.
• The volume can be adjusted with the zoom button.
Motion pictures recorded on other devices may not be played correctly. 
When watching on a computer, use [QuickTime] on the supplied CD-ROM to play 
motion pictures.