Panasonic DMC-S3 Справочник Пользователя (en)

 Changing recording information display
 Taking pictures with the self-timer
Recording Mode: 
You can switch between various information shown on the LCD monitor, such as guide 
lines and recording information. 
Guide lines
• Reference for composition (e.g. balance) when recording.
For motion picture or Slide Show playback, the operational guidance information is 
either displayed or not displayed on the LCD monitor.
In Recording Mode
Recording information
No display
Guide lines
In Playback Mode
Picture information
Picture information + 
Recording information
No display
We recommend using a tripod. This is also effective for correcting jitter when pressing the 
shutter button, by setting the self-timer to 2 seconds.
Focus will be automatically adjusted immediately before recording if shutter button is 
pressed fully.
After self-timer lamp stops flashing, it may then be lit for AF Assist Lamp.
In [Self Portrait] Scene Mode, [10sec.] is unavailable.
Display [Selftimer]
Select time duration
(Can also be selected with 
Take a picture
Press the shutter button fully to make the self-
timer indicator flash and start recording after 
the preset time.
• To cancel while in operation 
→ Press [MENU/SET]
Press to change display
Self-timer indicator