Sony SSCFM560 Листовка (en)

700 TV Line Security Camera with Wide Dynamic Range
Horizontal resolution of 700 TV lines (sharp mode) 
3.7x variable focal lens
Compact design
True Day/Night function
Wide Dynamic Range With DynaViewSX Technology
The SSC-FM560 incorporates DynaViewSX technology to capture 
high-contrast scenes and produce clear images even under 
challenging lighting environments.  This means it can capture 
critical information that may have been missed by other cameras 
without such technology.  
DynaViewSX technology consists of three sub-technologies:
High-speed double shutter provides a wider shutter speed 
range compared to previous technologies so that the cameras 
can reproduce images with incredibly wide dynamic ranges. 
iBLC compensates for the exposure levels in dark scenes to 
improve the visibility of the subject. 
Advanced natural synthesizer plays an important role in 
minimizing synthesized noise, which occurs when combining 
two images of different shutter speeds. 
Superb Picture Quality With Accurate Color 
Employing a Super HAD™ II CCD sensor, the SSC-FM560 offers a high 
horizontal resolution of 700 TV lines in sharp mode and produces 
amazingly clear and detailed images.  Moreover, the cameras 
achieve a minimum illumination of 0.1 lx (F1.2, 50 IRE); therefore, 
the image quality under low-lighting conditions is great enough to 
enable round-the-clock security operations.
Noise Reduction
The SSC-FM560 incorporates Adaptive DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) 
technology, which helps to eliminate noise and motion blur to 
produce distinct and clear images.  Adaptive DNR technology 
utilizes both an adaptive 2D fi lter and an adaptive 3D fi lter 
according to the AGC value to reduce noise. 
At normal speed shutter
At high speed shutter
Wide dynamic range of 75 dB (typical)
High-speed double shutter
Advanced natural 
New Three-hinge Structure
Easy and fl exible camera angle 
adjustment can be achieved by a 
new three-hinge structure.
Analog Color Mini Dome Camera