Sony DSC-W170 规格指南 (en)

Cyber-shot® Digital Still Camera
The Sony DSC-W170 features an enviable 10.1 megapixels, Carl Zeiss® 5x wide optical zoom lens, and all of the advanced shooting 
functions you expect from Sony. Elicit stunning detail from special moments with Face Detection technology, Smile Shutter, and 
Intelligent Scene Recognition.
10.1 MP Super HAD™  CCD 
More megapixels give you more detail 
and definition when you make big 
prints or crop in tight on your subject. 
The advanced Sony® Super HAD™  
(Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD 
design allows more light to pass to 
each pixel, increasing sensitivity and 
reducing noise.
Carl Zeiss® 5X Optical Zoom Lens
5X optical zoom gives you the power 
to get even closer to the action -- a real 
benefit for distant landscape views and 
dramatic portraits.
Wide Angle Lens
Wide angle (28 mm-140mm ) lens 
captures more of the scene.
2.7” Clear Photo LCD Display 
A large, bright 2.7” Clear Photo LCD 
(230K) display includes an anti-
reflective coating that provides for 
excellent visibility to help you 
compose, view, and share photos with 
superb clarity and color reproduction, 
even in bright sunlight.
Face Detection
Face Detection technology 
automatically controls flash, focus, 
exposure, and white balance to help 
reveal faces in shadows, make skin 
tones look more natural, reduce red-
eye, and eliminates harsh facial glare.
Smile Shutter Mode
Smile Shutter
technology captures 
smiles the moment they happen . The 
mode can be set to capture when your 
subject laughs, smiles or even grins, 
and like Face Detection Smile Shutter is 
able to differentiate between children 
and adults to set priority.
Sony Double Anti-Blur Solution
The combination of Super SteadyShot® 
optical image stabilization and high 
ISO sensitivity helps compensate for 
shaky hands, minimizes blur, and allow 
flash-free shooting to preserve the 
Super SteadyShot® Optical Image 
Super SteadyShot® Image Stabilization 
compensates for shaky hands and 
minimizes blur with a built-in gyro 
sensor that detects movement and 
sends correcting signals to a 
stabilization lens -- so there’s no need to 
crop in on your shot to reduce blur.
High Sensitivity (ISO 3200) Mode
With high sensitivity of ISO 3200, you 
can shoot effectively in low light 
without flash to preserve the mood, 
while the Sony Clear RAW™  Noise 
Reduction system helps suppress the 
color noise that can degrade low-light 
Intelligent Scene Recognition Mode
Intelligent Scene Recognition mode 
automatically detects 5 different types 
of scenes and selects the appropriate 
camera setting: Backlight, Backlight 
Portrait, Twilight, Twilight Portrait, 
Twilight using a Tripod. Intelligent Scene 
Recognition has two different modes, 
advanced and auto. In Advanced 
mode, if the camera detects the 
particular scene, it will take one more 
picture. In Auto mode takes a single 
shot, arbitrarily deciding on the proper 
Dynamic Range Optimization Standard 
& Plus
Powered by the exclusive Sony BIONZ
high-speed processing engine, 
Dynamic Range Optimization preserves 
image data in bright highlights and 
reveals more detail in shadows or 
backlit areas -- for great results even in 
difficult lighting conditions. New DRO 
Plus mode enhances optimization, 
analyzing each region of an image 
and performing additional image 
Convenient Photo Modes
To adjust quickly for specific shooting 
situations, you can choose from several 
convenient photo modes, including 
Auto, Program Auto, and Scene 
Selections such as Twilight, Twilight 
Portrait, Fireworks, Smile Shutter, 
Underwater, Landscape, Soft Snap, 
Snow, High Sensitivity, and Beach 
MPEG Movie VX Fine Mode
Capture VGA (640 x 480) audio/video 
clips at a high frame rate (up to 30 
frames per second ). The maximum 
length of time you can shoot 
continuously is about 10 minutes.
Automatic Macro Shooting
9-Point Auto Focus
Smart Zoom® Feature
Burst Mode
Simple Setup Controls
Easy Shooting Mode
Function Guide
Optical Viewfinder
15 MB Internal Memory
Memory Stick Duo™  Media 
Stamina® Battery Power
Easy Image Management