Canon vb-s30D 产品宣传册 (en)

Canon model VB-S30D A&E Specifications 
OWNER / November 22, 2013 
28 23 00 - 1 
Video Surveillance System 
SECTION 28 23 00 
The following is a recommended form of disclaimer with respect to the illustrative specifications for 
the Video System Surveillance System using the Canon NVS camera systems.  The disclaimer 
presumes that the technical details in each of the illustrations, as set forth under Section 2.02 System 
Specifications, have been reviewed and confirmed by Canon as meeting the technical specifications 
for each of the relative product models as of the date hereof.   Further, it is recommended that the 
examples to be delivered include an embedded “watermark” or other reference on each page 
indicating that they are “For Illustration Only”. 
DISCLAIMER:  These “Section 28 23 00 Video Surveillance System” specifications (the “Form 
Specifications”) are general in nature and solely for illustration.  The Form Specifications are not 
intended for any specific application or use and project specific considerations must be taken into 
account in the architect’s or engineer’s preparation of actual system specifications.   Canon makes no 
representation or warranty with respect to these Form Specifications and nothing contained herein 
shall create, or be inferred to create, any express or implied warranty by Canon.  These Form 
Specifications are intended solely to for the purpose of reflecting general guidelines for video 
surveillance system specifications, taking into account the features of the Canon model VB-S30D in 
production as of the date hereof, as set forth under Sections 2.02 B through 2.02 P herein.  Canon 
reserves the right to change the features or specifications of the aforementioned model at any time, 
without notice.  The architect or engineer preparing the actual video surveillance specifications 
should therefore refer to and confirm specifications for such model as of the date of use.  Canon makes 
nor representation or warranty about fitness of purpose of the above referenced model for any 
intended application, which determination shall be the sole responsibility of others.   Canon assumes 
no liability with respect to, arising from, or arising out of the Form Specifications or any use thereof.  
1.01  SUMMARY 
Section Includes 
Camera Assembly (camera, lens, housing, mount, etc.) 
Contractor’s Responsibility 
The Contractor shall provide and pay for all labor, materials, equipment, tools, utilities, 
construction equipment and machinery, transportation and other facilities and services necessary 
for the proper execution, operation and completion of the Work. 
Specification Language 
Specifications and notes are written in imperative and abbreviated form. Imperative language of 
the technical specifications is directed at the Contractor, unless specifically noted otherwise. 
Incomplete sentences shall be completed by inserting “shall”, “shall be”, “the Contractor shall”, 
and similar mandatory phrases by inference. The words “shall be” shall be supplied by inference 
where a colon (:) is used within product specifications. 
Drawings And Specifications 
Contractor shall be provided three (3) sets of the Drawings and Specifications for his use. 
Additional sets, if requested by Contractor, shall be furnished to the Contractor for the 
actual cost of reproduction. 
Contractor shall carefully study the Drawings and Specifications, and shall at once report 
any error, unforeseen circumstances, inconsistency or omission he may discover.