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Scanner 3500 and 3510
Continuous scanning.
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The Kodak Digital Science™ Scanner 3000
Series is hard to beat for mid-range
scanning productivity. You get exceptional
reliability, ease of use, and affordability.
And now you have a choice of capabilities.
The Scanner 3510 offers enhanced feeder
and output capacities with speeds of up
to 85 pages per minute (ppm) simplex
and duplex (uniform letter size or A4
landscape format). Whichever you pick,
you’ll see that the Scanner 3500 and
3510 are both great ways to improve
your scanning efficiency.
R E LY   O N   T H E   T R A N S P O RT   S Y S T E M
The best-in-class paper feeding and 
handling of the Scanner 3000 Series virtually eliminate labor-intensive document
presorting, jams, and rescans. The feeder accepts and feeds batches of mixed paper
sizes and weights at 75 ppm. It’s easy to add more pages to a stack while scanning for
continuous feeding. The transport system gently, yet quickly, moves documents through
a short path without sharp bends or constrictions. The result is non-stop scanning
that’s practically trouble-free. The Scanner 3510 features a standard high capacity,
250-sheet feeder, 350-sheet output tray, and multi-feed detection to support long-
run, unattended operation that’s ideal for forms processing.
E A S Y   O N   Y O U R   O P E R AT O R S .   E A S Y   O N   Y O U R   B O T T O M   L I N E .
A single button is all you push to run the Scanner 3500 or 3510. On-board 
processing maintains image quality automatically. Training itself is fast and simple.
The scanner comes with an interactive CD, complete with video clips that instruct 
and help guide operators through all scanner procedures. So operator turnover isn’t 
a problem with either scanner.
Industry-standard interfaces and drivers bundled with the Scanner 3500 and 3510
enable them to support a wide range of applications. Both are well suited for forms
processing (especially the 3510 Scanner) and scan-to-Web applications. The simplex
models offer an attractive entry price. The duplex models also provide outstanding
performance at a price that’s hard to beat. User-replaceable parts, such as lamps 
and feeder and transport rollers, help keep the cost of ownership low by minimizing
downtime and service calls. Plus, the Scanner 3000 Series is protected by your choice
of standard or enhanced warranties, and backed by worldwide service and support
from Kodak (where available).
S C A N   W I T H   C O N F I D E N C E   A N D   T H E   K O D A K   D I G I TA L   S C I E N C E
S C A N N E R   3 5 0 0   A N D   3 5 1 0 .
For more information about how our newest scanner family member can help you
improve your scanning, contact your value-added reseller of Kodak Products, call 
1-800-243-8811, or access www.kodak.com/go/businessimaging.
Kodak Digital Science  Scanner 3510
Kodak Digital Science Scanner 3500